The Velaatta Milk Platform Museum stands as a monument to hard work, spiritual growth and social change in Finland. The floor area is only a couple of square metres, but the highest point, the vane on the roof is almost five metres high.

After the Second World War small red-coloured platforms for milk cans were built by the sides of country roads. It was a time of growth, cows were milked, the towns had growing population to be fed. Work was a thing to be respected.

In the evenings the young folk used to collect around the milk platform. They shared joys, sorrows and secret kisses. The older folk shared gossip when they handed the full cans to the platform. A lorry used to collect them for the dairy. There were also post boxes at the platforms; they were centres of information in their heyday.

The milk platforms no longer serve their original purpose, but the joy and sorrow remain. The Velaatta milk platform was restored in honour of those who went before us.

Where is it?

The Velaatta Milk Platform Museum is situated 50 kilometres from Tampere in Teisko's Velaatta village in Finland. The address is Velaatantie 551.

GPS: lat 61° 45.107' lon 23° 56.130'

Greetings from Velaatta!

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